Rent Luxury
Silk Flowers

At Rent Pretty Flowers, we make renting luxury silk flowers easy and incredibly affordable. Your event will look perfect, and you’ll feel great about wasting less and saving more.

Fresh Flowers are Frustrating

Decorating a whole event with fresh flowers is very expensive.

They eat into event budgets and take away from other things.

They're wasteful! They're just thrown away after your event.

Instead, Rent Your Flowers!

Renting luxury silk flowers is easy, affordable, and much less wasteful than decorating entirely with fresh. Plus, our silks are incredibly realistic.

Luxury Silk Flowers

Our luxury silk flowers are made from the highest quality materials. They’re the most realistic silk flowers you’ll find anywhere

Hand-crafted designs

Each of our arrangements is created in-house, by hand, by an experienced designer.

Free Shipping

Our prices are exactly as written. There are no surprise fees, and shipping (both ways) is on us!

Easy Returns

Returns are effortless. Our simple instructions guide you through packing your items back up, and a prepaid return label is already in the box!


Our silk flowers can be used over and over. This means that there’s less waste than when decorating entirely with fresh flowers.

Local, family-owned business

We’re a local, family-owned business based in Metro Detroit, and we employ a network of artisans and creatives

30+ years of experience

Our owner Kelle has spent 30+ years as a florist.

Styled hundreds of events

We’ve styled hundreds of events, from weddings to bridal showers, anniversaries and holiday parties.

Created thousands of floral designs

In all, we’ve created thousands of designs using both fresh and silk flowers. 

We know what it’s like to feel frustrated by the expense and waste of decorating an entire event with fresh flowers.

Instead, try renting your flowers. It’s incredibly affordable, and it’s the least wasteful option!

The Process is So Easy!



Submit a list of your favorite items and your preferred date. One of our design pros will then reach out within one business to confirm.

You’ll complete your reservation with a 50% deposit.



We will package and ship all of your items in reusable boxes. Your items will arrive within three days of your event.



Place your items back into their boxes, attach our prepaid return label in your shipment, and send them back by the first business day after your event.

A Bit About Us

At Rent Pretty Flowers, we know that you’re planning the wedding you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid.

To have that dream wedding while sticking to your budget, you need start planning for your décor super early in the process.

The problem is that wedding flowers can take a big bite out of that budget. Plus, fresh flowers only last for a few days after your event.

Both the expense and the waste are frustrating.

We believe that anyone should be able to have the wedding of their dreams, including beautiful flowers, even if you have an exacting budget.

That’s why we make renting luxury silk flowers easy and incredibly affordable.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Reserve: Using our form, submit a list of your favorite items and your preferred date. One of our design pros will then reach out within one business to confirm.

You’ll complete your reservation with a 50% deposit.

2. Receive: We will package and ship all of your items in reusable boxes. You’ll receive your items within three days of your event.

3. Return: Returns are easy! Simply place your items back into their boxes, attach the prepaid return label included in your shipment, and ship them back. Returns must be postmarked by the first business day after your event.

So, to end the worry about your décor, get started today by checking your event dates and creating a wish list of items.

You’re only a few clicks away from a beautiful, memorable event that looks absolutely perfect!


Our pricing is simple, straightforward, and affordable!

Each Arrangement is $15

No matter which arrangements you choose, each one is $15 flat (including shipping)!

1 Table = 1 Arrangement

One arrangement is good for one table.

Each Box Contains 4 Arrangements

We ship in 14″ x 14″ boxes, and each box contains four arrangements.

Rent Full Boxes 

We offer rentals for full boxes, in multiples of four arrangements. Rent as many full boxes as you need!

Sample Order

April has 18 tables at her wedding

So, she orders 5 full boxes. That’s a total of 20 arrangements. (She plans to use the two extra arrangements for her head table.)

Each arrangement is $15

April’s total, including delivery and return shipping, is just $300!

Compared to fresh flowers:

For fresh flowers, April could have easily spent $65 per arrangement, bringing her total to over $1,100.

I’m Kelle,

and I’ve been a florist for over 30 years.

In that time, I’ve gotten lots of feedback from brides, vendors, and venue owners about how they hated throwing away so many beautiful flowers after events.

I’ve also worked with so many brides who wanted fresh flowers for the events, but didn’t realize how expensive they can be.

So, I set out to provide a simpler, more affordable, and less wasteful way to decorate weddings, and Rent Pretty Flowers was born.

Using my experience styling hundreds of events and creating thousands of floral designs, I’ve crafted dozens of gorgeous, reusable arrangements with luxury silk flowers that are indistinguishable from fresh.

Now, I’m offering those arrangements for rent at a price that any bride, on any budget, can afford.

Beyond my professional work, I love spending time with my three kids. I also love traveling (especially to Nashville), and watching documentaries.

I also consider myself a bit of a hoarder: I’ve been collecting beautiful items for years, including my luxury silk flowers. Now, I’ve come up with a way to share them!

So, if you’re looking decorate your event with beautiful flowers, but you want to avoid the expense and waste, I would love to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the quality so high and the price so low?

All of our flowers were collected over the years for large luxury installations. We now use this high quality inventory to create beautiful, affordable décor for budget events.

Ideally, how far in advance should I book?

Three to six months is best. But, you can always make a request if your event is at least 14 days away.

Why don't more people know about this?

More and more people are coming to understand the benefits of reducing waste, being conscious of the environment, and watching their budget.

We don’t mind being on the leading edge of a new approach!

Get Beautiful Flowers for Your Wedding

If you’re ready to save more and waste less on your décor, try renting luxury silk flowers for your wedding! Get started now!